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Ruth Wood's Career with Apex Prime Care
Ruth Wood — Apex Prime Care Regional Manager

In 2011 I decided that I would like a change of direction in my working career. I decided that I would like to be a Health Care Assistant, I liked the idea of providing care for the elderly in their own homes, I loved the fact that been a carer in the domiciliary sector meant that I was helping people live at home for as long as possible. I thrived on my new role; I instantly became passionate about it. Within months I was asked to be a Senior Carer, this involved the monitoring and support to carers in order for them to fulfil their role as professionally as possible, again I thrived on this role and enjoyed the challenges.

Six months after joining Apex Prime Care I was offered the position of Branch Coordinator, again I enjoyed this position, I was able to use my skills as a Senior Carer and put this to good use. Coordinating was challenging and rewarding, it meant that I looked after the staff and the elderly by ensuring that the day to day running of the branch was run smoothly and efficiently.

One year after joining Apex Prime Care I was promoted to Branch Manager. This transition went very well — I had a great team and I had the support of my superior.

In December 2012 I took the next step and was Registered with CQC. In June 2013 I opened my second branch; this was very exciting as it meant employing care staff for a new branch and watching it grow from 1 client to 50. I used all of my experience that I had gained over the last 2 years and put that to work in the new branch.

In April 2015, I was offered the position of Regional Manager, I thrive on this new role, supporting, advising and helping branches build and sustain the standards expected of a branch is very rewarding.

I started out as a carer and I still enjoy providing care, nothing pleases me more than to see the smile on an elderly face when you have helped make their day a little easier, it means so much to them. I am now a Regional manager and am making sure that that still happens, that we help the elderly stay in their homes for as long as possible and that they are treated with dignity and respect whilst doing that.

Ruth Wood — Apex Prime Care Regional Manager

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